The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers


Fat Freddy's Cat



The Film

Based on characters created by Gilbert Shelton 

Story by Gilbert Shelton & Paul Bassett Davies

Screenplay by Paul Davies and Edith Grove

Directed by Chris Hopewell

Produced by Andy Leighton, Chris Hopewell and Molly Bohas

© Grass Roots Films Ltd

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers were created by Gilbert Shelton, one of the greatest American underground cartoonists. The Freak Brothers are timeless clowns, and it's Shelton's mastery of satire and slapstick, silly punchlines and the traditional forms of humour at the heart of these tripped put cartoons that have kept them fresh and mirthful for over 45 years. Unlike many cults from the Sixties which have since faded away, the Freak Brothers are still going from strength to strength and aquiring new fans. They are published in 15 languages and worldwide sales are now over 40 million copies plus millions of items of merchandise.

LOGLINE:  The government develops genetically modified marijuana as part of the War on Drugs, and Nobert the Nark accidentally gives the prototype to the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. With the government on their trail, Phineas Freakears, Freewheelin' Franklin, and Fat Freddy are forced to leave town, acquiring a remote plot of land in order to fulfill their dream of retiring to grow marijuana in the country. Three women join the Freak Brother's commune, but because gender politics have changed since the 1970's, they do not see eye to eye with the Brothers' free love philosophy, hilarity ensues. Script adapted from the best selling short story GRASS ROOTS by Gilbert Shelton, see below.